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Solar Carports & Pergolas

At Kansas Solar Systems we design and build carports and pergolas with integrated solar arrays to power your home and vehicles. Our designs offer customers the ability to lock in their cost of electricity for decades to come as well as offering shade, plug ins for charging and lighting. The size and material used for construction will depend on your needs and personal preferences.

Our structures are designed to last many years past the 30 year lifespan of most solar arrays. The designs are reviewed by architects and stamped by engineers. Through 2021, you can receive a 26% tax credit for the cost of your solar array and the carport or pergola that supports it.


  1. Maximize your tax credit and savings over time. Receive the 26% tax credit on the full cost of your array and structure.
  2. Use carbon neutral energy and do your part to protect the environment.
  3. Increase the value of your home.
  4. Keep your vehicle out of the weather or provide a protected area to sit and enjoy your property.

Solar Energy for Agriculture

Many modern farms use a lot of energy, and they rely on electronics now more than ever. Access to reliable electricity is a necessity that many farmers can’t live without and a cost that continues to go up. With profits being squeezed, many in the farming community are turning to solar power. It’s about profit and reliability.  

Farmers are learning that they can increase their profitability over the short term and long term by installing solar for all of their energy needs.  They can now bring clean, cheaper energy to their homes, barns and to remote locations where they need power for things like well pumps, irrigation, fans, heating and lighting. 

It’s often said in Kansas that if you don’t like the weather, just wait a couple of hours. The changes can be so quick and dramatic. In our great Sunflower state, the weather is beautiful and amazing but often brutal. Part of living here is learning to deal with nature.

Anyone who has spent a few seasons in our state knows that there will be times when the power is out for a few hours, days, even weeks. It’s an inconvenience for everyone, but even more so for farmers. The loss of electricity caused by these storms can be very costly and even deadly.

A well designed solar system with a backup battery or generator can be the solution for the problems that arise when the power goes out, saving money and lives.


  1. Owning your energy production brings reliability and predictability beyond what the grid can offer.
  2. A well built solar system will increase the value of your farm.
  3. Decrease your electric bill and save thousands over time.
  4. Add a battery or generator back up to give you power when the grid is down.

Roof Mount Solar Systems

In addition to building structures specifically for solar, we can mount solar systems on existing rooftops. So long as the roof is a condition to last at least the next 25 years, we can build you an attractive, low maintenance system on your existing roof space.

An important thing to consider will be the orientation of the roof to the path of the sun. South facing rooftops are generally the best but east and west facing roofs can also be good choices.

Ground Mount Pic 3


  1. A lower cost due to using an existing structure.
  2. Homes with solar have a higher resale value.
  3. Insurance typically covers your solar array without any additional cost.

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